Tales of the Cabin - Part 9

Steven and I sat in my living room talking about his ‘previous life’ as he recalled it.
As he turned into his driveway, he pressed the garage door opener, disrupting the tranquility as his garage door lifted.As the truck came to a stop, the driver's side door opened and he stepped out of the truck.Steven Schmidgall, 31, was an imposing figure both off and on the ice at 6’6” and just shy of 245 pounds, he seemed to dwarf the truck. He grabbed a large bag of hockey gear from the back of the truck and arranged the gear on a drying rack.Local hockey fans would recognize him as the star goaltender for the Duluth Ironmen of the International Hockey Super League, returning from an early morning workout and practice.
He just had time to clean up and head back downtown for an interview.
Traffic was snarled all over the city by the rain.Steven's frustration was starting to get to him when he finally got to to the bottom of the hill on Central Entrance. Slowly, he made his way up Superior A…